Lighting Design

Clear LED understands not only the art of lighting, but the science of developing designs that enhance the space where lighting is being utilized. Architectural elements and art pieces will receive precise design attention. Owner Gary Bute is inspired by natural lighting and how light moves through space, such as the way the sun moves along the horizon at sunrise and sunset. He applies this 40-year-long awareness and love of light to every project he encounters.

“There’s no need to waste light,” says Bute, whose refined attention to detail maximizes every kilowatt of power.

We design and produce drawings and specifications for illuminating homes, small commercial such as art galleries, boutique retail, racetracks, RV parks and small dining establishments, as well as other important custom spaces.

Click on any image below to open a gallery of completed projects we have designed for our clients. A separate gallery is located below these images which illustrates functional illumination.


 Click on any image below to open the gallery below. These images show the function of light fixtures.  Also shown are installation options, artificial light sources and a sample fixture cutsheet.

At night, artificial illumination must flow with a buildings interior and exterior to replace the natural daylight. Lighting from different sources, by subtle or spectacular methods, should be used to enhance the environment. Clear LED exemplifies how to use light to enhance life a home or many types of commercial spaces.

The following items will need to be addressed when selecting the ideal lighting for your project:

Lighting Requirements: Develop a lighting requirements plan to match the way the space is used.

Fixture Location:  Exact fixture locations are determined by an understanding of the interior décor, such as what decorative pieces need emphasizing and the purpose of the environment – how it should look and feel. 

Product Reviews and Comparisons: Clear LED works closely with our clients to identify the best product options in terms of both quality and cost in all areas of lighting, based on our years of experience.  

Fixture Schedule - Here is a link to a sample fixture schedule for your review. The fixture schedule for your project will include every light fixture location, fixture type, lamp size, illumination efficacy and who is providing the fixture.

Custom Fixture Design - We understand the need for custom fixture design to accommodate unique tastes and individual environments. We have had the honor of working with numerous artists and technicians and are excited to help everyone. Below is a link to a white paper showing the design and construction process in building a custom fixture.