Electrical Power Design
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Clear LED’s comprehensive understanding of electrical power wiring, main service equipment and specialty systems will help to comfortably guide clients through this complex process.

Electrical power design may appear to just be a "standard area" of construction. However, for those new to this process, you deserve to understand what the capacity is of your main service and the build methods that will be utilized on your project. An electrical distribution system is a major portion of the electrical contractor’s construction costs. Clear LED is available to review your electrical contractors’ proposals to explain the nuances of the power system and the resulting costs.

We design and produce drawings and specifications for powering homes, small commercial buildings, racetracks, RV parks and off-grid buildings. Again, it is our mission to always implement Green practices as much and as often as possible.

The following items will need to be addressed when designing the electrical power system for your project:

Utility Power:  Purchasing power from the local energy company may be done in several ways that will benefit you. 

UPS:  Provides instant switching of loads, such as computers to a battery backup, avoiding loss of data or control of home systems.

Standby:  When utility power is lost, a standby source, such as a generator, will automatically provide uninterrupted power to areas of your home or even the entire home.

Off the Grid Power: Clear LED can design alternative primary power systems for areas where commercial power is not available or for those who are completely off the grid. Options include solar, wind, hydro and fuel cell technologies.

Power Conditioning: Clear LED designs systems to protect your investment in sensitive electronic equipment from unwanted voltage surges and alterations.

Selecting An Electrical Contractor -
After you have your project designed you will need to select contractors based on your ClearLED drawings and bidding specifications. Here is a white paper that we wrote regarding hiring an electrical contractor.

Electrical Specifications Sample - Here is an example of a very basic document. Your project specs would be expanded upon to ensure the lowest cost and best possible contractor selection.