Automation and Low Voltage Systems
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Today’s technological advances have resulted in an endless array of electrical devices in our modern buildings. Smart Homes, for example, allow you to control and automate every aspect of lighting and powered devices. Include automation on your commercial projects to save thousands in yearly  operational costs.

Automation has been a reality for 50 years now and is one of the best ways to go Green! Current technology allows automated homes and businesses, equipped with control systems, to be accessible through portable devices. You can add automated control of doors, motorized windows, shades, gates, HVAC and audio/video for total integration for effortless opperation. Your smart phone, iPad, or other high-tech device also adds unlimited flexibility and integration to other control systems in your home.

We have decades of automation experience which allows us to take the mystery out of our clients’ operational needs by implementing thorough design and specification services. A Smart Home runs itself, once all the parameters are set, which is what we do for you. Imagine your world made that easy!

Clear LED also produces drawings and specifications for low voltages systems such as data networks, video surveillance, burglar alarm, flood, fire protection, sprinkler, HVAC control, audio and video distribution. 

Clear LED has several unbiased white papers with topics on Smart Homes such as System Selection and Utility Cost and Resource Savings. If interested, please feel free to contact us to receive a copy of these white papers. Below is a link to a white paper on Smart Home System Overview for your use.